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1. Right Crankcase Cover Replacement

HMSI Announces Voluntary Recall Campaign

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India today announced a voluntary recall for limited number units of 2022 year model CB300R.

As per defect information, due to inappropriate manufacturing process of the right crankcase cover of the engine, there are chances of sealing plug dislodging due to low retention force caused by engine heat.

This could further cause the sealing plug to come off and engine oil to splash out. In the worst situation, the oil adhering to hot motorcycle parts may cause fire, its contact with tires may cause slippage or it may injure the rider due to its hot temperature.

As a precautionary measure, the replacement of affected parts will be carried out at BigWing dealerships across India starting from 15th April 2023. The replacement will be done free of cost irrespective of the warranty status of the vehicle.

With this move, Honda reinforces its commitment to provide highest quality products and customer satisfaction.  

The overall activity will take approximately 1 Hour and 30 minutes time. It is requested to take a prior appointment before visiting the dealership.

To know the applicability for your vehicle, select model and enter 17-digit VIN/Chassis Number